Hate Mail Self-Inking Rubber Stamp No. 1

$16.95 - $26.49
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This is a beautiful Hate Mail self-inking rubber stamp featuring artwork by Luis Prado; the artist receives a royalty when this stamp sells.

  • Carbon-neutral (70% post-consumer recycled), ergonomic, durable plastic case with solid base for perfect imprints.
  • Quality, eco-friendly, 100% renewable red rubber is laser engraved to last a lifetime.
  • Artwork is professionally designed.
  • All stamps are square-shaped (1:1 aspect ratio).
  • Good for 5,000+ impressions and ink can be refilled!

This stamp is perfect for cardmaking, papercrafts, scrapbooking, wedding invitations, hand stamping at events, DIYers, teachers, event passports and more! You may even use the stamp on fabric, wood, and other surfaces.

Categories: Malware, Terrorism, Internet, Network, Computer, Cyber Crime, Explosive, Bomb, Document, Write, Paper, Religion, Text, Message, Information, Email, Letter, Mail, Private, Writing, Negative, Intelligence, Face, Online, Digital, Language, Hand, Gesture, Electronic, Attack, Threat, Charge, Public, Communications, Frown, Upset, Comment, Envelope, Protest, Hate, Injury, Packages, Post, Abuse, Anger, Furious, Angry, Mad, E Mail, Rage, Postage, Recipient, Criticism, Unhappy, Foul, Middle Finger, Author, Anonymous, Annoyed, Bitter, Sexuality, Victim, Disagree, Manipulation, Pissed, Parcels, Postcard, Ethics, Ethnicity, Unpleasant, Insult, Offensive, Hostile, Harassment, Abusive, Annoy, Electronic Mail, Mailer, Grievance, Criminal Offense, Hate Mail, Coercion, Posted, Instant Messaging, Sender, Profanity, Long Finger, Tall Finger, Flipping Someone Off, Hurtful, Irate, Hassle, Intimidation, Cry Out, Outcry, Political Ideology, Giving The Finger, Gripe, Invective, Third Finger, Obscene, Flipping The Bird, Pissed Off, Reproach, Denunciation, Aesthetics, Extending The Middle Finger