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About us

Hello, we are David and Aksel, co-founders of Stampmore, thanks for stopping by!

In short, we're two tech guys selling wooden and self-inking rubber stamps. Yes, you read that correctly!

We know, it's a bit odd, but Stampmore started because David grew super frustrated after searching for custom logo stamps online. The solutions out there seemed overly complicated to navigate. The "BYO Design" process lead to his image files being rejected during the checkout process and finding the right size for his stamps was quite overwhelming. He thought there should be an easier and more streamlined way, so he told Aksel about it, and Stampmore was born.

We then put our techie hats on and realized we could do some cool things like provide professionally-designed artwork for both wooden and self-inking stamps, while making it super easy to order them with just a couple of clicks. So, we built that!

At Stampmore, we're completely focused on making the checkout process easy and making sure you, our customer, receive the highest quality stamps that best fit your needs and wants.

Don't hesitate to reach out to us through our contact page (yes, we actually check those messages and respond!). We look forward to hearing from you and thanks again for checking out Stampmore!

David & Aksel