"Alphabet Box Tall Letter" Self-Inking Rubber Stamp for Therapists


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This is a beautiful "Alphabet Box Tall Letter" self-inking rubber stamp featuring artwork by Tonya Cooley from Therapy Fun Zone; the artist receives a royalty when this stamp sells.

  • Carbon-neutral (70% post-consumer recycled), ergonomic, durable plastic case with solid base for perfect imprints.
  • Quality, eco-friendly, 100% renewable red rubber is laser engraved to last a lifetime.
  • Artwork is professionally designed.
  • All stamps are square-shaped (1:1 aspect ratio).
  • Good for 5,000+ impressions and ink can be refilled!

Enjoy bundle discounts within this stamp collection:

  • Set of 3 stamps = 10% off
  • Set of 5 stamps = 15% off
  • Set of 10 stamps = 20% off

You can now stop hand drawing individual letter boxes - this stamp is perfect for creating letter boxes on worksheets to help students with neat letter writing practice. These boxes can also help students with proper letter sizing to ensure those fit on their paper. You may also use this stamp on fabric, wood, and other surfaces.

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