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Mini Cube Ink Pads for Wooden Rubber Stamps (Multiple colors available)

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All mini, cube, ink pads contain non-toxic, child-safe, water-soluble, and fade-resistant ink. You may choose from a variety of vibrant colors and they are all acid-free.

While these measure 1" by 1", the pads are raised, which means you may use them with larger stamps. Make sure to always close the case on your pad after each use to properly seal and prevent evaporation!

This product is ideal for stamping on paper (uncoated), cardboard, kraft paper, envelopes and other standard office applications. Slow drying time of 10-15 minutes, which makes them suitable for embossing. Transparent embossing power is recommended.

Lastly, these pads are refillable, guaranteeing many years of use!